Restaurant review – Bundobust Manchester


After standing out in the cold for the women’s march the boyfriend and I headed over to a place I’ve been hearing a lot about called Bundobust. From the street it’s easy to miss nestled in between Subway and Max Spielman. Through a tiny doorway and down a set of stairs opens up in a huge cavern-like space below.  As we came down the stairs we weren’t sure whether we were supposed to wait to be seated or to just sit down and we noticed this was something of a regular occurrence as we watched others lingering around the entrance before finally just sitting down. I certainly think they could do with someone greeting customers as they come in and directing them to tables.

The decor on the walls had an underground station feel, a little bare, with rows of tables that encourage communal eating. Some people appeared to be just drinking whilst others were consuming little white tubs of food so we opted for the bar snacks.

Not being too familiar with a lot of the food on the menu we played it safe and opted for the okra fries that were coated in a chickpea batter, the onion Gobi bhaji bhaji consisting of onion, cauliflower and spinach with a lovely chutney underneath, the masala dosa which was a mini rice crepe filled with potato and onion dry fry and served with a lentil soup and coconut chutney. With that we also ordered the idli which were steamed rice dumplings and a portion of bhatura, a kind off Indian flatbread.  The boyfriend also ordered the house chai which ended up arriving after the food. By the time it cooled we were ready to leave.

My favourites from the selection we chose were the okra fries (it was the first time I’d tasted okra) and the Indian flatbread. The idli and the lentil soup were probably my least favourite. I couldn’t get use to the almost cake like consistency of the rice dumplings and the lentil soup had a little too much coriander in for my taste.

So if you’re simply looking for some quick snacking food with your drink this is great. Having said that, it could start to work out a little on the pricey side if you started to order more than one or two items (as we did). I suspect we over ordered but since we didn’t know what the portion sizes were going to be like and we were starving, we went a little mad and didn’t finish it all.


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