A wet Saturday afternoon of book buying

First off let me apologise for not updating this blog for over a week. In my defence it has been an incredibly busy week. On Monday I started a brand new temping job which has been incredibly demanding and taken up most of my time. But now that the weekend is finally here I can sit down and update you on the books I’ve been buying and reading.

Today the boyfriend and I went for lunch in a restaurant in Wilmslow, Manchester and as I came out I saw a Oxfam stocked full with books. An hour later we both came out with over £40.00 worth of books! For charity shop prices that’s a hell of a lot of books. Here’s a look at some that I picked up:

I managed to pick up two separate book sets, one from Virago published authors that includes the likes of Pat Barker, Angela Carter, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Dodie Smith. The other, entitled The Swinging Sixties are full of novels I’m less familiar with from giants in the world of literature from the Beat writers of Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs, to the fantastic Joan Did ion and J G Ballard.

Book sets aside I also managed to pick up novels by three of my all-time favourite novelists Margaret Atwood and her lesser known Life Before Man, Jeanette Winterson’s Sexting the Cherry and the ever mind-boggling genius of Haruki Murakami with South of the border, West of the sun. Finally I took a chance on a book I’ve heard a lot about much of which is surrounded in controversy. I’m talking about Charlotte Roche’s Wetlands. I’ve no doubt her novel will be a real eye-opener based on the passages I read at random.

When I’m actually going to find the time to read all these books is anyone’s guess but I  get leave the shop and not get them so they’ll all have to go on my top-to-read shelf for when I have the time to give them the full attention they deserve.



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